Information about SAFE® mentor training

SAFE® mentor training is available to persons in medical, social, or psychological professions, such as midwives, gynecologists and obstetricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counselors and social workers, child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychotherapists working with children, adolescents and adults, pediatricians, pediatric nurses and caregivers as well as teachers and related professions.

Training involves four days of training, consisting of both theoretical and practical elements. Practical exercises are conducted in small groups. Here, the work focuses on video feedback as an integral part of sensitivity training. Role-playing exercises will help you to empathize with the parents and the facilitator of a SAFE® group.

In addition, you will learn how to conduct the Adult Attachment Interview and various questionnaires to assess information about traumatic events in the parents' prior history. Because of the importance of these elements of the program, SAFE® mentor training will to some extent also allow you to reflect your own attachment history. Stabilization and imaginative exercises that make use of a number of individual resources will also be part of the training.

The theoretical part of training will involve prenatal and postnatal information from the SAFE® seminars:

  • Emotions and fantasies during pregnancy
  • Prenatal attachment
  • Effects of pregnancy on the couple's relationship -- transition to parenthood
  • Do parents always have to be there -- day nursery, yes or no?
  • The development of attachment in the infant
  • Mechanisms of unconscious transmission of traumatic experiences to the child, and how such "vicious circles" can be interrupted
  • Emotional development of the child
  • Infant and parental competencies
  • How to deal with a baby's behavioral problems (sleep disorders, feeding problems, excessive crying)
  • Task sharing, and how parents can meet their own needs
  • Techniques for identifying unresolved trauma in the parents' prior history, and how to deal with disorders resulting from such trauma
  • You will also receive important information about how to organize and conduct SAFE® seminars.

The cost of the entire training program is €520. SAFE® mentor flyer:  Download

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in taking a SAFE® mentor training course in 2012. If you have further questions about the course, use the contact form to contact Ms. di Muro. You may also telephone her at +49/ 89-5160 3454.

(Registration is binding. Withdrawals must be sent in writing to the above address. If withdrawal is received 14 days before the beginning of the mentor training, a processing fee of €50 will be charged. If withdrawal is received less than 14 days from the beginning of training, the participant is liable for the entire cost of the course.The entire cost of the course will be refunded if the training course is canceled because of low demand or for reasons beyond the course provider's responsibility. The course provider will not be liable for any costs or other disadvantages incurred by the participant as a result of cancellation, except in case of deliberate acts or gruff negligence.)